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“This is a Teaching Moment”

This week was a long one, to say the least. On Friday, my partner and I were assigned to what we thought was a compelling story about how light pollution can affect military night training operations. We were promised access to both Whiteman Air Force Base and Fort Leonard Wood, and we were really excited to get so close to the action and do some real reporting. We spent all day Friday, part of the weekend, and all day Monday contacting sources and lining up interviews.

Then, Tuesday came. And everything fell apart.

Our sources, seemingly all at once, backed out on us. They gave a myriad of excuses and apologies, but it didn’t make us feel any better. It was Tuesday afternoon, our story was due in 48 hours, and we had nothing.

We spent a good couple of hours brainstorming with our professor, and eventually we decided on a story idea. It was weak, but it was something. We were told it was a “teaching moment,” and that we were to do our best to create the best story with whatever we could find. Read more of this post