Multimedia Musings

by Christopher J. Spurlock

Infographics Can Be (Nerdy) Fun

As with everything in journalism, I’m always worried that sooner or later infographics artists will begin to take themselves too seriously. Sure, analyzing data to find a story and then visualizing it in a way that the average consumer can understand is an important undertaking, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun once in awhile too, right?

This morning, a really clever graphic caught my eye. Not only does it tell a story (though perhaps not a very important one), but it makes people laugh. In my opinion, a healthy dose of humor can help brighten up a graphic that would otherwise be boring. Take a look:

I think my colleague at the Missourian, Pat Sweet, did a nice job spicing up what would be an otherwise boring graphic earlier this week. You can’t go wrong with giant-but-cute elephants, right?

In all seriousness, infographics are an important and essential part of news organizations and the way they tell stories. But, as with everything, you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously.


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