Multimedia Musings

by Christopher J. Spurlock

Just when you start to get bored…

This week marked my second shift working a dot com shift at KOMU. While I performed many of the same basic tasks as I did last week, there was definitely a lot more excitement during this week’s shift. Nothing exciting or out-of-the-ordinary happened for the first hour, so I took that time to take care of some of the basic tasks (checking the AP wire stories, doing camera inventory, etc.). I also made sure to monitor the social networks as well, and it was there where I found the story of the day.

The Columbia Missourian sent out a tweet saying that the Boone County Prosecutor’s Office had officially filed sexual charges against Derrick Washington, starting running back for the Missouri football team. I spent the remainder of my shift manning the situation at the web, which involved updating the story on, sending the news out over our Twitter stream, and contacting the Boone County Sheriff’s Office to get them to e-mail Washington’s mug shot to the station.

Because of all the commotion, I unfortunately didn’t have any time to further discuss my project with Jen Reeves, but we’ve been in contact since then to discuss it. I’ll keep you all updated!

Until next time…


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